About Us


GETCANADIANEXPERIENCE.CA is a Job Posting website dedicated to providing the best source of job opportunities and job search experience to NEW IMMIGRANTS or NEWCOMERS in Canada using a reliable, boosted, and secure platform.

Our mission is to connect employers with skillful and work-ready newcomers to:

  • fill labour demand
  • promote successful newcomers and;
  • help businesses hire experienced workers 

Through our team’s technical and customer support expertise, we designed our website to meet the current demands of GCE users, either as an employer or as job seekers. 

GCE Features and Benefits

  • Extensive reach and visibility
    • Features Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows job seekers to easily view job postings
    • Boosted job postings on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more using IFTTT.
    • We specifically boost our website presence using paid Google Ad to target newcomers in Canada and attract them to use our website to find jobs.
  • Secure and reliable
    • Sophisticated encryption to protect user information
    • 24/7 backup data system to retain crucial and time-sensitive job postings
  • Access to a database of uploaded job seeker resumes
  • Customer and Technical Support -
    • responsive
    • helpful
    • friendly

We are pleased to offer you exceptional and introductory rates/packages for job postings. Please feel free to contact us at support@getcanadianexperience.ca

We look forward to a mutually beneficial and prosperous partnership with you, either as an employer or an agent.